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New author blog.

I suppose this journey of blogging will be like writing a new novel, ish. Where to start, what to say? Well i have recently finished my first novel. A novel that in some way has been in my thoughts for like, ever. It has taken me nearly two years to write, as i work 60 hours per week in my Vape shop. My daughter gave me the idea, she has also completed a few short stories herself.

Path To Life is a story of discovery and adventure which actually fits in nicely with the events happening now in our times. We have so many challenges facing us at the moment, firstly Climate Change, some governments are taking action while others are reversing their obligations, denying it's very existence. Economic pressure, Wars, Religious problems, Nuclear Threat, etc. What if there was a better way, well there is and it may be found in my story.

From young i have always had crazy ideas floating around in my mind, especially when day dreaming. I have got so many ideas but can they all be put into a story? Why not, at least they will make an interesting read for others.

Writing this novel has gotten me seriously into physics and astronomy, which i love, especially particle physics, amazing things them little particles. I needed to know things for the novel such as, What is an AU?

What is the actual speed of light in the vacuum of space?

Now after two years of investigation i can explain these subjects, all be it with basic knowledge.

I have even thought of taking the Physics and Astronomy course as an open university degree course, yes i am that serious about these subjects.

But alas, i have another two novels, bubbling in my mind. In fact i have already started my second novel, It Came From The Sky.

As I write, this week the news came that the WOW signal turned out to be a false flag, not surprising I suppose but a shame none the less. I for one believe there has to be more life in the universe and what with astronomers discovering at least two new exoplanets a week, something hopefully will show up over the next ten years or so. Probably will be microbial life but still, that's life.

I'm hedging my bets on Europa, we have found life deep in the oceans where the sun is not the only life giving source, so can this happen in the oceans of Europa?

Ok, for my first blog i hope this is enough but if you would like to add any comments then please do.

Many thanks for spending your time with me, please contact me with any questions you may have.

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