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Debut Novel only 6 weeks away.

Well, that's it, i can do no more. The novel is now in the hands of my copy/editor, i have to put it to the back of my mind now and get on with book number two. I will find it hard though as i have been working on it now for around eighteen months. A lot of research on Physics and Astronomy went into Path To Life, and it was worth it.

I have found my calling in life. I've always loved to learn new things, Physics has given me something to get my teeth into, and the great thing is, new physics is being discovered all the time, especially in the quantum realm. Astronomy too is something i've always kind of been interested in but i never took that next step, actually researching the topic, until now.

A few days ago came an announcement that recently around ten planets have been discovered that are Earth like. Exoplanets are being found at a rate of two per week now, if the Drake equation is correct then we may discover life soon, in fact its been said that life could be found within the next ten years, exciting times ahead.

I do hope that in my lifetime we do indeed detect life, even if its plant life, life is life. I do however hope that the DNA of said new life is not a relative of our own DNA, what a let down that would be.

Even before i began to understand Astronomy i always believed that there has to be life elsewhere in the universe. Now knowing the immensity of space and bearing in mind that the Earth has Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen, to name but a few, and these are some of the most common elements found through out the universe, i would even place a bet that life had to evolve on other planets.

Obviously i love my sci-fi and i watched the latest film on the block called Life. A sample of life from Mars was bought upon a craft to which was supposed to be brought to Earth for further investigation. The organism grew very rapidly and was not friendly at all, nearly everyone died, but there was a twist, maybe there will be a second movie. It was an interesting concept but like nearly all of these types of film there is always tragedy, never turns out good.

Anyway back to my writing. Onto my next project, It Came From The Sky. In this story i have flipped space exploration, what would happen if we were being investigated, what effect would it have on us? It would be extremely exciting and also quite scary i should imagine. It would surely answer the age old question of, are we alone? My goal is to take a break from the usual plot line and try to bring a story more down to Earth.

Right i am in the zone so i must progress the story now, while i am in the mood.

Take care my friends and thanks for reading.


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